PubNight #56 (2/1/07) - 8:30pm at The Pickled Parrot

We've been meaning to make our way back to Canton for quite sometime. Our last trip there on Pubnight #40 featured the last Pubnight outing for Crazy Pete before he made his voyage to swim with the fishies. As well as a run in with a crazy bitch that claimed her father used to work at Microprose. Now don't let that scare you, as we will be endeavoring to a new section of Canton for our crew:

Additionally, those of you who have lived at Casa Del Hoyt at some point or another might remember that they often receive an incorrectly addressed Sysco Bill for the Pickled Parrot. One of these bills arrived today and sparked John's desire to ask the manager at the Pickled Parrot to fix their fucking address, as he has been receiving their crappy bills for three years now. Hopefully this issue can be resolved in a nice orderly manner, which means it'll definitely have to be conducted before John ties one on.

Regardless, the Pickled Parrot also runs a special on Thursdays, that being a pound of shrimp and a pitcher of beer for $14 and has been recommended by some of John's co-workers that live in the area.

-Returning the Bills
Your bitter Pubnight Gang of Four

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