Continuing an age-old tradition of eating, drinking and socializing in the middle of the week, a group of friends, co-workers, acquaintances, lovers, and strangers gather together each Wednesday evening at a different establishment in Baltimore. Below is the current location. If you have stumbled across this page and don't know us, stop by anyway.

Of course, we won't know you either, so we may miss each other.

Baltimore Pubnight is not active on any regular basis right now. We can be booked for your party, wedding, bar mitzvah, or any other occasion where you need to add some drunken revelry. Our rates might seem quite reasonable--just cover our bar bill--but in reality that's not quite so cheap. Also, we will reconvene for special occasions, such any of the regulars from out PN cities visiting the area.

Looking for a bar in Baltimore? Check out our list of favorites.

He may not be a regular anymore, but we still follow Crazy Pete Addick's Travel Journal

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