The wild cross country ramblings of Pete Addicks.

08/22/06 Issue 12 - Ever heard the verb shunt?

I got a job. It's not where I wanted. This job isn't freezing and wet. I don't have much of an opportunity to drown, but I am on something large and steel. This temp agency that was trying to make me a scab, and would expose me to lead vapors has pulled something diabolical out of thin air. They put me behind the wheel of a huge chunk of steel that rides on a steel road and pulls steel while steel falls from the freakin' sky! I'm driving a train. A shunting train to be specific. I'm in a scrap yard. I will also be cutting and welding train cars (Thank you for the experience Phil). There will also be some magnet crane, grapple crane, and front end loader work. We pile mixes of metals (tin, aluminum, high carbon, number 2) into train cars, take them onto tracks, and then another train takes them to a smelter. I think I might want to visit the steel mill while I'm working here. Back to the whole concept of Detroit and Pittsburgh, it is always cool to see what humans can accomplish with the proper application of the right amount of heat. The hours are from 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Hey, that means that I can get another job too. Either that or par-tay. I'm thinkin' an evening job at a restaurant, or doing a catering gig. Maybe even (dare I say it) data entry. Now that housing and income are handled, the world is mine. Let's see what I can do with it. I refuse to stop walking the docks.

I made a new friend too. Her name is Kali. She just spent the past 2 months backcountry hiking naked in Canada. Her marriage is on the rocks, and her husband is still back in Chicago. This town is just chock full of broken hearted adventurers. I guess it's part of the pioneer spirit, the loss and pursuit of love can drive one to do exceptional (and foolish) things.

Anticlimacticly yours

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