07/22/06 Issue 2 - MVA, Headaches and Miracles

So, some of you may be wondering why I'm not in bed asleep, resting up for the big honkin' journey. This story starts back in April. I bought a motorcycle. Small, zippy and old. The title was signed over to me, but the motorcycle did not run. What is the purpose of owning a vehicle on the books, if the bleeding thing doesn't work. I can avoid paying insurance and license fees until I get the thing running, right? Great concept in theory. In practice, however, Mr. Murphy and his law step up to bat, and pull their best Babe Ruth impression. I work on the bike, get her running smooth as a baby's rump, and go to find the title. Title's not where I left it (the floor of the garage). No sweat, I am a reasonable person. I must have done something clever with it. Put it someplace that I'd remember. Nope. I didn't.

Fast forward to late May, early June.

The individual who owned this vehicle is named Nate Starck. The individual who sold this vehicle is his father Dave Starck. The title is in Nate's name. Nate is in California. His father can't sign the title over to me. I can't get a copy of the title from the MVA. Nate has to apply for a duplicate title. I send Nate a check and the appropriate application for the MVA to cover the fee. Nate thinks he can do this online. Nate is wrong.

Fast forward to today.

Nate applied for the duplicate title 2 weeks ago! It takes at least a month for the title to be processed. This leads to very displeased Pete. With the help of some friends, Pete procures an "historic" (1983) license plate from Indiana. Pete is going to do something very illegal. Pete contacts the MVA. Miraculously, they have processed the title, and sent it out to Dave (third class mail). Dave is holding 2 next day air envelopes that are addressed to California and Baltimore respectively. Ostensibly for the title.


Sit in Baltimore with thumb in pie, wait for title to arrive. Leave tomorrow with illegal license plate and go to Seattle. Leave tomorrow (or Friday due to repairs on the shock absorbtion system) for Delaware, baptise my journey, come back to Baltimore, and stick my thumb in that pie.


I'll take option 3.


Delay of departure. New Date: 7/25 (barring unforseen inconvenience)


There were jokes about taking odds as to where and when I will get arrested on this trip. I see a wager availability in this situation. Any volunteers for a bookie?

Until next time


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