07/23/06 Issue 3 - Is this fraud? and Welcome to Delaware

At one point last year, Jeffrey Oh, a renowned artist and furniture maker, said to his son, myself, and Lou Gephardt "don't do anything outlaw." Congratulations, Jeffrey, as of Monday, I will no longer be an outlaw biker. That's right, the title is in, let the adventure begin. The thing is... I gave Nate's dad 2 UPS next day air envelopes. These envelopes were filled out to be sent to my house after Nate (the dude in Cali) signed the title over to me. I paid $60 for this service. Why did the title not come to my house if Nate signed it over to me? I'm betting that Nate's dad did what needed to get done and forged his son's name. THANK CHRIST!!! Admittedly, I'm a little sore about losing the 60 beans, but at least the bastards made it quicker for me.

So I'm in Jersey. The good part, all the way down south. I've got an Aunt that lives out here. She's done a bit of tavelling herself. Her passport looks like a coloring book in a pediatrician's office. My destination last night was Cape Henlopen Delaware. That's about 1 mile east of Lewes. Home of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. Cape Henlopen State Park was not where Google maps said it was. From now on, the only maps I read are on paper. Cape Henlopen State Park was also booked solid 2 weeks ago, for the whole weekend. As a matter of fact, all of the parks within 10 miles of Cape Henlopen had no vacancies. Save one. Big Oaks RV and tent campground. The tent campground had 5 total sites, 4 of which were taken upon my arrival. All of the sites were on sandy ground. My site was at the bottom of a small valley. The night was clear, and I almost considered avoiding the rain fly at all. I'm glad that I put it on. I set camp at 11 pm, finished a bottle of Konings Hoeven Dubbel (it comes in blonde, dubbel, tripel, and quadrupel bocks), and went to bed. I was awakened promptly at 1 am by the sound of frying bacon, and the occassional explosion of artillery. At least, that's what I was dreaming about until the rain soaked my pillow. The river running across the top of my tent throught the deepest part off that aforementioned small valley. Yay... wet pillow, tent and sleeping bag. Move the pillow and sleeping bag to the other end of the tent. Sleep until 7 and examine the damage. Remember the sand? Yeah, it was 18 inches up the sides of my tent, the rainfly of which was sticking to the "small valley" side of the tent. I need 2 more tent pegs to remedy one aspect of that situation .

Still raining. Pack my tent and hop on the bike. There's a first time for everything, including riding your motorcycle in the rain. Straight to the Ferry, where once again, there's a first time for riding your motorcycle on wet metal. See a couple porpoises, meet a biker named Carl who climbs high tension towers for a living, and motor on into Cape May. Lunch was at a place called Tiffany's Greens, Beans and Birds. I drop by Aunt Kitty's house and set up my tent someplace dry. Dinner was goat meat tacos, and now to bed.

I'll be in Baltimore tomorrow. I will get the title worked out on Monday during the day, and Monday night I will be resting up for a long bugger of a ride.

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