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08/18/06 Issue 11 - Close but no cigar

So I've gotten a few contacts, put in a bunch of applications, had countless interviews. They have all lead me to the same conclusion. Noone is going to be in town for at least another week, and even then, I may not be able to avail myself of a boating position. Since I'm running on negative income, I have resigned myself to the concept that I have to get a job to tide me over. UPS isn't hiring unless I'll stay through Christmas (school is in November), I have no interest in courier companies out here (I can do it, but they screw me with the IRS AGAIN!!!), the USPS doesn't need anyone, and REI won't get back to me for 4-6 weeks. Enter temp jobs. Apparently, there is a labor strike going on at a cold storage plant in the south of the city that I may have the opportunity to work in. I get to be a scab.... yay.

I believe in the Union system. I believe that it is necessary in America's capitalist society for the workers to organize and occasionally strike. I believe that Unions help to stabilize the economy, and more effectively spread wealth. The blue collar ideal of joining a union, buying a modest house and raising a family (large or small) is admirable. I also believe, and this is the most important, that if I don't get a job, I'm not going to be able to survive my first month of school in November. As much as I appreciate what Labor Unions do for their members, I am not willing to sacrifice my education to that effect. There are some other jobs that I am available for as well. I get to solder electronics in aircraft. DON'T FLY ANYWHERE!!! If they're military aircraft, it'll be kinda cool, but I get the impression that it's passenger.

My buddies Chuck and Joe are in between boats right now. They still have a load of bones from that gury that they hauled in from Alaska. Eventually, they will be pulling that out. For those playing the home game, gury is what is left of the fish after they've been processed. It contains mostly, but not limited to: fish guts, heads, bones, fins, tails, blood and a great deal of water. There are farmers that would give their eye teeth to use this stuff as fertilizer. I pondered why they don't sell it as such. I pondered why they are dumping it in the ocean instead of trucking it to those rolling plains of North Dakota. Then I smelled it. There is NOTHING like the smell of fermented fish essence trapped in the hold of a 20 year old crab boat. It's almost, but not quite as offensive, as eating 4 raw livers of chesapeake bay seagulls for breakfast before running a marathon barefoot on used hypodermic syringes, and crossing a finish line made of llama placenta. Tina, friend that she is, offered me a position at her sister company the Deja Vu. I could finally answer the ultimate question posed by Randall in the film Clerks: "How much do you think a jiz mopper makes?" I think I'll pass and leave that answer to the meditations of others.

The only company that isn't offering half shares (.4%) for greenhorns is Jubilee. They work mainly fisher processors, and are having trouble with some of the personnel on one of their boats. They were looking to fire 4 or 5 guys. John, who owns Jubilee is stringing me along to try to get me to replace them. The catch? it's 800 beans to get up there. The Payoff? it's something like $3600 gross per week. It breaks down to something like 25 bucks an hour. I'd say that it's worth it. They have some long liners too. John's major concern is that he brings back the other guys and has to pay for my trip up for 1 week of work. I figure that he's making enough money on this haul and then some, but I don't know enough about the finances of major fishing companies.

Sarah got hot as dried chili peppers at how saucy I was with the last journal entry. Consider this a public apology. Sometimes I can be as thick as a dough roller. She is concerned that I have addressed certain personal information in much too public of a format. If I have offended anyone else with the large pizza content from last entry, feel free to call me up, and I will deliver you an apology too. I don't want to sound cheesy, but what I was attempting to do is bring levity and a slice of humor to a situation that smells like anchovies and feels like a garlic press. The advice that I received was heartening and appreciated. The result of the vote was a tie. So remember, vote early and vote often.

Asking only workmen's wages I come lookin' for a job, but I get no offer
Just the come ons from the girls on second avenue

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