PubNight #66 (10/24/07) - 7:30pm at The Brewer's Art

PubNight in Baltimore started with a fairly specific goal in mind. Since none of us lived within range of McSorley's anymore, we needed to find some new places to drink at until we blacked out or otherwise became a public menace. Along the way, we hoped to find a good bar to visit in each of the neighborhoods around Bawlmer we didn't know all that well.

Since we only had to explore bars in Baltimore rather than space, our mission only ended up taking two years instead of five. We've worked our way through all the venues we had been meaning to try out, assembling a list of new favorite bars along the way--including ones that weren't even open when we started. Recently it's been getting harder again to schedule weeks where we've got enough regulars around to justify an organized trip out. Rather than go through that anymore we're going to call this branch of PubNight done and done after one last trip out, to where it all started at The Brewer's Art:

Whether you've been a regular or have just been meaning to come, you're welcome to join our last official outing before we return to unorganized drunkeness. It's last call, and we'll be bringing the Tiki drummer.

Still working toward that taco and a handshake,
-The cast of CSI:McSorley's

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