PubNight #54 (12/21/06) - 7:00pm at John Steven Ltd.

Recently Italy's Catholic University of Campobasso released a study saying that men should drink four alcoholic drinks per day to live longer, while women should have two. While comforting for some of our lightweight friends, we're not planning to cut back to that few. We will feel slightly less guilty about sneaking booze into Catholic churches now though.

If you're not getting your share of sweet, life-extending booze, don't blame us. Instead, join us for this week's PubNight in Fells Point. Ever since we first walked by it, we've been wanting to make a trip to John Steven Ltd. The smell outside of this place is heavenly, probably due to their well regarded steamed shrimp. It's a bit high-end relative to normal bar food, but we're all flush with Christmas bonus cash and looking for some holiday, spirit.

After dinner, we expect to find the pull of the Wharf Rat irresistable, so if you're coming late you may want to double-check where we ended up at.

Averaging four drinks a day just based on our weekend drinking,
-Baltimore PubNight Ltd.

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