PubNight #53 (12/14/06) - 6:30pm at Ryan's Daughter

Some bars we don't schedule for PubNight simply because we go to them too regularly already outside of that context. Near the top of that list is Ryan's Daughter, which has been used as a backup on several occasions but never been our official location for the week. Since the holidays have us yearning for the predictable and familiar, it seems completely appropriate for this week.

We're aiming for a dinner-time trip, hoping to catch the tail of the Happy Hour that ends at 7pm.

Trivia for you youngins: the name of the bar is based on a 1970 movie. To quote the web site, they're "named after the Academy Award-Winning film about an Irish girl who falls in love with a British Soldier". "Ryan's Daughter" was directed by David Lean right after he did "Doctor Zhivago". Since his two movies before that were "Lawrence of Arabia" and "The Bridge on the River Kwai", most were expecting another action film, not a love story; the resulting backlash essentially ended Lean's directing career.

Planning to end our careers in a drunken rampage,
-Your Daughterless in Baltimore gang

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