PubNight #52 (11/13/06) - 9:00pm at /Casa Del Hoyt

As Thursday will be the day of mass consumption of turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, and the like, as well as the overly pleasant time spent with our own families, we have decided that drinking will be needed shortly afterwards in order for us to help forget all of that family "cheer". This week we shall break from our usual attempt at finding new bars and will instead be drinking at a place where most of us have lived and or blacked out before:

I have made up 2 kegs of home brewed Hefeweizen (mmm German Beer) for the occasion (well, approximately 11 gallons...) which shall be fair game for all those attending. Alas, with our alcoholic tendencies, this homebrew may not last very long so everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite drink and join along in the debauchery. We will probably have some snack like foods around for those not fully gorged by their earlier feasts. Everyone who partakes in the evening is welcome to crash as we have ample couch space. Those that travel the furthest get first dibs on the couches.

Carbonating the beer as we speak,
- The East Ave Drinking Team and Your PubNight Gang of Four

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