11/09/2006 PubNight #50 - Swallow at the Hollow

To some of us, The Swallow at the Hollow is only known as that crappy looking bar right by the Senator. It's certainly a dive, and even our own regulars have mixed feelings about it. "I've never been to the Swallow" says one. "You're not missing much" says another. Nonetheless, that's where we're going this week, because we don't trust anybody else's opinions when it comes to where we should drink.

The pretentious twits at the Baltimore Sun say that the Swallow is "the place to be for people who were frat boys two or three decades ago and forgot to evolve." Here's some recommended reading for those writers, who are clearly too pompous to ever have been allowed to join the fraternity 3/4 of our founders are members of: "Does Drinking Help Your Career?" Note to Sun staff: perhaps if you'd have swallowed a few with the fraternity guys, you'd have a better job than writing bar reviews.

The much cooler people who write for the City Paper gave the Swallow their "Best Bar Food" award in 2003, not for any particular dish but for an array of above-average menu items; the English cheddar burger on an English muffin is a suggested favorite.

At most 1.5 decades past our fraternity days,
-One Baltimore group who always know when to Swallow

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