PubNight #48 (10/17/06) - 8:30pm at Dead Freddie's

The last time we tried going to Dead Freddie's, our announcement e-mail commented on the bar's dated style. Well, they decided to do something about that, and renovated inside. Unfortunately, they'd already started that before we got there, which meant we couldn't get in that evening and had to scramble to a backup. It's our feeling that the problems with Freddie's needed more than a cosmetic makeover to fix. It's more like a "burn to the ground and start over" kind of problem, as the mediocrity has seeped into the very foundation.

Regardless, it's close, we're kind of curious to see what they've done, and it will be nice to have a Thursday that's close to home and requires no fighting for a parking spot.

-Also in desperate need of a renovation,
Your bringing out your dead gang

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