PubNight #37 (06/22/06) - 8:30pm at Ryleigh's Brew Pub

After two week's worth of disasters, where we learned that the Wharf Rat Camden should be sucked into the earth and that bars on Harford road like to be closed when choose them for Pub Night we've decided to go back to an area that we have not visited since week two and that was previously occupied by Union troops. As a quick history lesson for those that may or may not be interested, in 1861 the hill was occupied by Union troops where General Benjamin F. Butler erected a small fort where all of the canons were aimed towards Baltimore's central business district in order to guarantee Maryland's allegiance to the Union during the civil war (don't believe, well read it here at wikipedia).

John's been to this establishment before for a work gathering and claims that they have great local brew. He especially remembers the IPA to be on the die for level.

Watching out for the canon fire, -Your not Pub Night gang of four

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