PubNight #36 (06/15/06) - 8:30pm at Dead Freddie's

After last week's disaster, where we learned that the second Wharf Rat location is the worst sequel since Star Trek V, our motivation to head downtown is very weak right now. So it's back to ever so close Parkville we go, as we continue to fill in the dots along Harford Road by visiting Dead Freddie's. This bar reeks of averageness; you'd never say it was really bad, but there's not a whole lot to talk about either. The City Paper suggests it's a great spot to revisit "the Spirit of '96", down to "Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam stickers lining the wall". Flannel is optional.

Hopefully they still have the NTN (err, Buzztime) trivia playing doo-dads at the bar. That's the reason Greg made his last trip there, where he crushed all the other patrons at the bar. The fact that he was the only one playing doesn't diminish that victory.

It's a telling statement about the lack of interest in Freddie's that a Google search for "Dead Freddie's" pulls up our own semi-secret page of bars we're thinking of going as the #5 hit. That's how much the world doesn't care that this place exists; our babbling about bars, on a site we don't even tell people about that's only linked to by Greg's home page, qualifies as cutting-edge Dead Freddie's commentary. But it's close, it has a parking lot, it doesn't suck as badly as the Camden Wharf Rat, and we're lazy this week.

Doing the time warp again,
-Your not Dead gang of four

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