PubNight #34 (06/01/06) - 8:00pm at Patrick's of Pratt Street

There are forces greater than we know trying to guide our visit this week. Greg found out about Patrick's when reading some random, crappy, but free Baltimore review magazine while bored and waiting somewhere. When he went to add it to the list of places we should go, (cue dramatic music) it was already there! John had just put it at the top of the list mere hours earlier, based on "the napkin" (a set of recommendations from Pete, written on the finest parchment available at that week's bar). Clearly higher powers wish us to visit there, and lo it shall be done.

Patrick's has the distinction of being the oldest Irish Pub in this country (I hear they have much older ones in Ireland). The runner-up in that category is McSorley's Ale House in Manhattan. The aggressive drink service at McSorley's has been the source of much fun, and much, much pain to many members of our group in the past. We hope Patrick's puts less of a hurtin' on us.

Note that the kitchen is only open til 9pm so get there early if you want to eat. Also be warned that like McSorley's, Patrick's is one of the few non-smoking bars in our city. All you nicotine addicts will get a taste of PN NYC's pain, as you're forced to abandon your sweet, sweet drinks in order to venture outside for your fix. Let's hope the expected thunderstorms miss us.

-Cradling our livers tightly just at the mention of McSorley's,
Society of Irish Pub Addicts Society (see, that makes us SIPAS. get it? SIPAS? no? never mind)

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