PubNight #33 (05/25/06) - 8:30pm at DuClaw Brewing in Bel Air

This week we trek a bit outside our usual areas to visit Pat's favorite watering hole, the DuClaw Brewing Co. located in Bel Air. They have regular parties to celebrate releasing new beers, and we'll be there for the intro of their Serum IPA:

The release party starts at 7pm, and Pat plans to be there early. As we expect it to be pretty crowded, the rest of us are shooting for a bit later; it thins out considerably once the giveaways stop at 10pm. If you want to try and get your own free goodies, you may still be able to skate in via referral from Pat and get one of the gift voucher printouts.

Always needing to escape instead of being released,
-Your "not cool enough for the birthday party" leftover triumverate

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