Favorite Baltimore PubNights

Map of previous locations

It's not quite a top ten yet, but here's our short list of bars that that our crew considers the best places to go out for a night o'drinkin in Baltimore:

  1. The Brewer's Art: The beers are oh so good we put up with the frequent crowding.
  2. The Wharf Rat - Fell's Point: Great mix of beers, seafood, and service.
  3. The Owl Bar: When we're feeling a little classy.
  4. Lime: If you want to visit the kind of place where you cannot help but drink tequila until you get arrested, Lime is that place.
  5. Dougherty's Pub: Our favorite spot for a cheap night of drinking downtown.
  6. Racer's: If you don't mind a hole in the wall atmosphere down to the peanut shells on the floor, you get a great mix of beer that's easy on the wallet.
  7. Timber Creek: Lots of nice and seriously potent beer, and the drink specials are so good they're worth planning around.
  8. Spy Club: Fun atmosphere, excellent fancy drinks, and really great eats from the attached Midtown Yacht Club.
  9. James Joyce Pub: Totally classic Irish pub, except for that part where the food is really good too.

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