PubNight #64 (9/19/07) - 6:30pm at Rocket to Venus

In the few years that we have been doing Pub Night, we managed to miss (perhaps even avoid..) one of the most stereotypical neighborhoods in Baltimore, Hampden. For those of you who are uneducated in Baltimore trivia, Hampden was the filming location for some of John Waters films, most notably the original Hairspray. Here in Hampden, the original inhabitants still tend to wear the beehive hairdo as well as a strange english dialect called Bawlmerese. The locals even admire these traits enough to hold an annual hon festival in order to honor the most true to form inhabitant.

Enough trivia, let's drink hon:

Please note that this week we will be starting earlier than normal so that we can take advantage of Rocket to Venus' happy hour. Additionally, with two of our Pub Night semi-regulars living in the immediate area, we felt it was easier to get them out early before they migrated to their other planned activities.

-Your Baltimore Pub Night Gang of non-hampsters

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