PubNight #63 (9/12/07) - 7:30pm at O'Hara's Irish Pub

While it was hard for us to believe, it appears there is a good Irish Pub in Overlea, quite near where our regulars live, that we haven't been to. Not just regular good, but award-winning: O'Hara's was the City Paper pick for "Best Neighborhood Bar" in 2006. Our last venue, Dizzie Issie's, was the 2004 winner. The 2005 winner, Koco's Pub, is dead to us because they close at 11pm on Wednesday. We like neighborhood bars, but we do have standards; they're low, but we have them.

Since none of us have been there to know what else to expect and our reasons for going are basically "it's a good Irish pub", there's not much else to say. I'm done here.

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