PubNight #62 (8/29/07) - 8:00pm at Dizzy Issie's

When we first started off PubNight here, we accumulated a big list of bars in town we wanted to go to just make sure there were enough that we weren't going to just hit Racer's all the time. We've visited most of the original list at this point, so when one of those that's left comes up twice in the same week we gotta consider that a sign. And we watch enough awful horror movies to know that if you ignore an ominous sign, you're gonna have a bad time.

Dizzy Issie's originally came to our attention when City Paper named it "Best Corner Bar" in 2005. It seems to have all our essentials: cheap beer, munchies, even a pool table. It does boggle the mind that we haven't been there yet:

Our only problem is that we don't wander this area enough to have a good backup bar selection. Greg wasn't even aware "Remington" was considered a neighborhood, and as close as many of us get to there is the occasional Paper Moon Diner trip. So if the bar is closed this week we're screwed. As the stars have aligned to visit there, we're not worried. (wait, there's that ominous music again...) -Regularly dizzy ourselves (in the drunken way),
Your mounted, balanced, and aligned all for one low price Baltimore gang

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