PubNight #61 (8/22/07) - 6:00pm at Bahama Breeze

Everyone survived this weekend's pair of grueling bachelor/bachelorette parties without any major injuries or jail time, so that went better than expected. But we're feeling a little low-key this week. Lately our regulars have been doing plenty of island-style relaxing at Bahama Breeze, and wandering there right after work seems like a stress-free way to go out this week: Oh, and going along with our recent switch to Wednesday, we have a new logo on the web site for Baltimore PN, which we declare is now the coolest of any city. Mad props to John and Robin for the redesign, and bonus points to anyone who can identify who the background image was swiped from.

-More likely to get mad cow than mad props,
Greg and the rest of our Jamaica Jerk-Offs

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