PubNight #60 (8/8/07) - 8:30pm at Lime

Some people value predictibility in their life. Going to a familiar place, knowing ahead of time basically how the night will unfold, and that you'll come home again in the same condition you left can be comforting.

If you consider such predictibility important, for the love of God don't come with us to Lime this week. We haven't done a PN outing there since last February, but the two during that period and subsequent trips made by various subsets of our crew have all reeked of uncertainty (and tequila). Will we get a huge bar tab because the drinks are expensive, or a tiny one because only a fraction of what we bought actually was on there? Might Greg mix some girly and seemingly weak tequila drink (wrong!) with medication and end the night sitting in the corner giggling? Will Chuck become so drunkenly blind that he accidentally wanders naked into someone else's bedroom? These are all things that have happened before, and might happen again. The only to find out which brand of excitement unfolds to come with us to Lime this Wednesday:

Really, the only thing we know for sure about this trip is that Terry will complain about how much the drinks cost (again). In order to reduce two parts of the uncertainty involved in any Lime adventure, time spent searching for parking and the odds that someone will get arrested before the evening is over, we are trying to car pool as much as possible this week. If you're hoping someone else will relieve you of your need to drive, or if you might offer someone else a ride, please make your way to East Ave by 7:45pm where you can declare yourself a designated driver or designated drunk. Past trips suggest there really isn't a middle ground available.

When we last went to Lime, it was new enough that they didn't even have a web page, and if you went looking for information about the bar our PN page was the first hit. Sadly we're now down to Google hit #14 on a "lime baltimore bar" search, but that still puts us just ahead of their disfunctional "official" site at Oh hosting control panel, how cruely you mock us!

-Hoping we can barter web consulting for tequila,
Your designated dysfunctional Baltimore PN gang

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