PubNight #58 (07/26/2007) - 8:30pm at Bayou Blues Cafe

If there were a test like the verbal section of the SAT for PubNight trivia, this week's bar would be the answer to the following question:

New York PN:Wednesday Night Wings::Baltimore PN:_________

Since nobody else but me knows what the hell I'm talking about, I'll explain. Robin used to make a weekly visit to the Bayou Blues Cafe in White Marsh, which centered around local Karaoke maven The Godfather. After their business arrangement fell apart, Thursdays there changed to an awful "Ladies Night" and we officially put the Bayou on the banned list of places we just won't go. Next thing you know, we're looking for new bars to break the week up a bit, and there's a Baltimore PN. New York's PN originated similarly, after Stuart grew bored with a weekly visit to Down the Hatch for Wednesday Night Wings and decided to diversify the venue each week.

Enough of the history lesson. Here's where we're going:

We don't expect to make it a late night, so we'd recommend being on the early side. Also, karaoke begins at 9pm, which means that unless you're prompt you will be hard pressed to become drunk enough to tolerate some of the musical atrocities that will be inflicted on the Bayou by the so-called "singers" participating in the Karaoke. We recommend shots. Actually, we always recommend shots, but this time we really mean it.

-Usually scoring better on the math section,
Your ear-plug wearing Baltimore gang

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