PubNight #57 (06/21/2007) - 7:30pm at Racers

That's right, we're back! We once thought there was no PubNight happening here because we were just really bored for an entire six months, but it turned out we had mono. It's unclear whether John caught it from dirty, dirty people in New Jersey or from livestock in Dallas (don't ask), but we got him his shots (he got loose before they could finish the neutering) and now he's clean enough again for Parkville at least. Since we don't want to push it, a bar that always has a messy floor seemed ideal, so it's back to Racer's:

The other reason for the delay was the vital importance of fixing the electrical wiring here so that the lights at the backyard pool worked again (that was the second priority after trying to have John fixed). Having light there again should discourage some of the unfortunate skinny-dipping related incidents that haunted last year. Those of you responsible for the activities that clogged the pool filter last year (you know who you are), we're keeping an eye on you now. Unless it's Terry, in which case our retinas will burn (think the end scene from "Raiders") and we'll run screaming.

Partying on,
-Your excellent and mostly disease free Baltimore crew

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