PubNight #5 (11/03/05) - 8:00pm at Mount Royal Tavern

To say that somewhere is award winning usually means that they're good. But not always. This week we're following the awards trail given out by the City Paper, who chooses their "Best of Baltimore" each year:

Mount Royal Tavern, our destination this week, is this years "Best Local Drinking Institution". That's good. They also host the "Best Cheap Drink", their Pikesville Rye. Whether that's good or not depends on whether you ask the drinker at the time, or the next day. And last year, they won "Best Men's Restroom Condom Machine" for this frightening monstrosity: which I think we can all agree is not good at all. We're going anyway.

Greg wasn't planning to need anything from that vending machine, but he does have a date planned with the tavern's popular pinball machine. We could list other things to be wary about at this place, but we don't want to ruin all the surprises. Just be warned that the Mount Royal Tavern doesn't have nice bathrooms (in case you didn't figure that out from the picture), and they don't take American Express. Or any other credit cards; make sure you bring cash. But not too much, because they did win that Cheap Drink award. And the cheap part at least is, unquestionably, good.

--the gang of four deaf, dumb, blind kids standing like statues

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