PubNight #47 (10/12/06) - 5:30pm at Rocky Run Tap & Grill

This week, we kick off our second year by further extending our lead over the other PubNights. Our lead in territory size, that is. Having gone as far north as Bel Air, now we plunge further southward with our first visit to Columbia. Why, that covers a distance of fourty miles how the crow flies--as long as the crow isn't stoned that is.

We last considered a trip to Rocky Run Tap & Grill back at #29, when John vetoed visiting their Charles Village location based on them advertising fun for the whole family. While he claims it was the hokey-ness that offended him, we believe the reality is that the thought of a social life mixed with children gave him awful nightmares involving birth control failures and shotguns. Our scouting party to Columbia has confirmed that this location has a sturdy plexiglass wall keeping us safe from the family fun. Or maybe it's vice-versa.

As you might note from the time, this week also is our first attempt at a happy-hour PubNight. With Terry and now Greg working in Columbia, and John not too far away, we're all glad to try stopping in the not so deep south for a drink right after work instead of fighting traffic north. Also, we might all get to bed at a reasonable hour on a Thursday night for once. Well, at least some people's definition of "reasonable". Terry might be there even earlier--when last asked for comment he said "if I can get out of work at 4:30, I'll be there at 4:35". PubNight: we drink more beer before 5pm than most people do all day.

-More like the Army of Darkness,
Your increasingly distant gang of four

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