PubNight #4 (10/5/06) - 7pm at The Brewer's Art

After a strong start and a spotty finish, this week we find ourselves starting a second year of Baltimore PubNight. As the most common excuse for those who missed a week during our first year was "I'm broke", we're hoping the somewhat improved employment situations of our regulars will kick this year off with renewed vigor. And following those job movements, starting next week expect to see a new development: mixing in some earlier PubNights south of the city proper, near where we're all working.

To follow with the normal tradition, for our anniversary we're returning to the bar we started at, perpetual favorite the Brewer's Art:

The plan is for some us to get there early enough to try and grab a decent table. As always, we'll be in the bottom part of Brewer's, not the insufferably snooty top floor. Space at Brewer's on Thursday has been difficult to find on recent trips. Be sure you know how to reach our backup bar, Dougherty's, particularly if you're coming later. Once everyone has eaten dinner, if it's too crowded we'll relocate.

Hoping to stay out so late we need the Tiki Drummer,
-Your now 100% employed gang of four

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