PubNight #44 (09/07/06) - 8:00pm at J. J. McBride's

Just when you think we're down for the count, we pop back up for another go. It's like being a zombie, except with more vomiting and regret. This week we're heading to J.J. McBride's, which just recently came back onto the list of bars we patronize. Patronize how, you ask? That depends completely on who's there and how much you've had to drink. They have a new chef, Ian, who used to work at Razorback's, which also just recently came back onto the list of places we can return to.

Where: J.J. McBride's
Address: 204 E. Joppa Road
Time: 8:00pm
Food: Yes, and it's pretty damn god too. Come in before 7:30 for half priced appetizers.

Come in to J.J.'s before 7:30 if you can and get the half priced appetizers. They have awesome Clams Casino and Oysters Rockefeller. Not to mention coconut shrimp and other goodies. So dust off yer drinkin' liver, and swing in to J.J. McBride's. If we can bored, we can always go to Jenny's apartment upstairs and play some Guitar Hero, or something else equally dorky.

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