PubNight #42 (07/27/06) - 8:30pm at the Open Hearth Inn

Normally the planning that goes into selecting our destination for the week is pretty sparse. We'll surf the web, talk to people, exchange notes on napkins, and next thing you know we're sending out an e-mail. This week is a little different.

Back in Februrary, we talked for a bit about how many of our regulars are unfamiliar with the wonders of Dundalk. Now, there is exactly one essential stop in that neighborhood: Captain Harvey's Submarines. They are the home of the greatest steak subs in Maryland, and only dissenting opinions from Philadelphia keep them from being the undisputed best you can find anywhere. So clearly we need to stop at Harvey's for subs if we're all going to Dundalk.

There's only one problem: it's a carry-out joint. Just one scary and brisk counter, take your sub and get the hell out. While we marvel at their efficiency, it's hard to have PubNight without the pub. The problem, then, was where could we take the subs to that would serve us beer while we ate them?

While he doesn't like to admit it, quite a bit of Greg's family lives in Dundalk. Including his Uncle Jimmy--who happens to own a bar there. They serve food, but as Jimmy is a regular customer himself he agrees that no trip to the area is complete without a Harvey's sub. So we've gotten permission to grab out subs from the Captain, then head down the street to the Open Hearth Inn, his bar, to eat them. Our two stops are as follows:

Expect to see a bit more of the Smith family and their relatives than should be allowed to attend one event floating around, as a number of people find this whole plan hilarious and want to see it play out. As a bonus, you can learn the source of Greg's penchant for telling extended funny stories by asking Uncle Jimmy about something. Doesn't matter what, really, just get him started. A suggested topic is "Tell me about Lord Windermere".

Oh, and a final warning: the choice of beers at the Open Hearth is a bit less exotic than this spoiled crowd is used to. Beer drinkers won't find anything fancier than Heineken. Order some real booze if you got a problem with dat. There is a flip side; as Jimmy commented when setting this all up, "Yeah, but how much is a Heineken in Fells Point?". Hint: they cost a lot more than in Dundalk.

Looking forward to enough steak sub to stuff a Melton,
-The more extended than usual PubNight family

P.S. We're taking a summer vacation of as yet inderminate duration starting next week. Check the web site for more info, or just forget about us until you get another e-mail. _

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