PubNight #41 (07/20/06) - 8:30pm at The Depot

Way back in mid March one of our PubNight regulars, Jenny, had her non-PubNight related birthday outing out at a bar off of Charles Street called "The Depot." It was a bit of a dive bar, but a heck of a lot of fun and fairly cheap.

Well, I think it was cheap, but I really can't remember the bar that well. I was probably smashed. OK, I admit it, I was definitely smashed, but I digress... This week if you hadn't figured it out already, we're going to make a trip down to:

The one true benefit of the bar that I can remember was that the bar tender / owner (I think his name was George) kept pouring vodka into Terry's drink every time Terry turned his back to the bar. He must have done this to Terry over 10 times putting Terry into an even worse state then I usually am in on a bar outing. Additionally, when I first walked into the bar and sat next to Terry, the bar tender found out that we were roommates, immediately giving me a shot because , as he put it "any one who has to live with that bastard deserves a drink." So hopefully this week we will can a second dose of George's hospitality and maybe this time he'll finally put Terry's liver down for the count.

Counting Down To Terry's Demise,
- John and the rest of your PubNight gang of soon to be three

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