PubNight #40 (07/13/06) - 8:30pm at JD's Smokehouse Bar & Grill

The last time we went to Canton, it was our first trip to check out the bars there. With no experience to guide us, we relied on the recommendations found by poking around the web to pick a bar to visit. As you may already be aware, the Internet consists mostly lies, porn, and text written by people who have no taste whatsoever, and that's what we got. We found ourselves at this barely tolerable meat-market bar where we had to fight just to get a crappy table with enough seats, only to have said table taken away from us when the bar got more crowded. I shit you not: a big guy came over and carried away our table, with just enough notice to remove our drinks first. Apparently those reviews saying the staff could be rude were super-serious.

Luckily we had our finely honed drunk-sense to fall back on, and we quickly sniffed out a much better venue we've been meaning to spend more time at since. (In addition to bars, Greg can also sense if there's a 7-11 within a few miles of where he's standing, using his magic Slurpee-phone talisman)

As the name says, JD's Smokehouse is both a bar and a grill. It's well regarded for having tasty, greasy bar food. For example, at,0,421170.story we find a reviewer whose name is Gross (who let that guy write about food?) practially creaming his pants over their Mac and Cheese Wedges of all things. They also made the top 10 in Citysearch's "Best Baltimore French Fries" ratings.

We're hoping this time to correctly navigate the cool jukebox at JD's, which was having issues on our last visit. Come join our music+tech geek quest to maximize our playtime per quarter as we search for the longest songs on any of the albums available.

Well aware that Pink Floyd's "Echoes" is 23:27 long,
-Your already missing Syd Baltimore Gang

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