PubNight #39 (07/06/06) - 8:30pm at Timber Creek

Sorry about the late notice, but we were so pleased this week about making it through another year without losing any important body parts to fireworks that the whole "write the e-mail" thing was forgotten. All you kids are spoiled anyway; in _my_ day, why, sometimes the PubNight e-mail didn't get sent out until clear after the drinking had already started! By the time you could finish reading the message, you were already a drink behind and they'd make you do a shot at the door to catch up. But we went out anyway, because after walking a mile uphill in the snow you really needed a drink to warm back up again.

Wait, what was I just talking about? Oh, right, this week. Our location choice comes a couple of degrees of separation away from our usual method. See, John has this sister named Bridget. And she's dating this guy named Alain, and it's his birthday. And, like, the only night the family can go out is Thursday, and we are totally crashing their party at Timber Creek:

The usual Timber Creek caveats apply: they have beers with crazy amounts of alcohol around, and you may find yourself sucked into the "Thirsty Thursday" special where you get all you can drink for $10. It's a good week to have a designated driver.

At most three degrees away from Kevin Bacon,
-MC Hoyt featuring special guest PubNight

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