PubNight #3 (10/20/05) - 8:00pm at Racers

Sometimes it's obvious that the handwriting is on the wall. This week we take that literally and visit one of the many bars on Harford road. Racers has a large chalkboard that lists their current offerings, usually fifteen different beers. The beer on tap is almost always good local brews and other microbrews from around the country. They always have their own beer available on the board that is made by the talented brewers at Old Dominion Brewery. The Fat Tire is particularly good. The last time that anyone was there, they were running their usual deal of two beers for five dollars. It's not a bad deal, and a good way to make your way through the selection on the board.

And if that's not enough, where else can you go that has not one, but three metal trash cans that are used exclusively for bar snacks? Take your pick of pretzels or salted or unslated roasted peanuts. The trash cans alone assure you that the pretentious yuppie count will be as close to or below zero as possible. Any place that runs a yuppie deficit is a good time.

This week we'll be starting at 8pm instead of 7pm due to the fact that most of our regulars can't get there until later. Well except Greg, but he doesn't count.

Ready to crash and burn like Dale Earnhardt,
Terry, PubNight Pit Crew captain

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