PubNight #28 (04/20/06) - 8:00pm at Claddagh Pub

Ebert: This week we take a look at PN:Baltimore, the latest spin-off of the PubNight franchise. The Baltimore series is now halfway through their first season, and lately they haven't been living up to the promise of the early episodes.

Roeper: I was really impressed by this show at the beginning, it seemed worth checking out every week. There was lots of variety in the venues, they really moved around the city. But lately, it seems like they're really in a rut, just going to the same bars over and over again. Sure, it made sense for the birthday episodes, but do we really need to see that area along Chase street again?

Ebert: I don't think the birthdays are to blame; they were already showing that lack of variety when they hit Lime twice in less than a month's time. I think this is more of a problem with the franchise as a whole. It's not like the neighborhood focus is unprecedented. There were times during the parent New York show that I thought they were never going to film outside Greenwich Village again.

Roeper: What would be really great is if they visited a totally new bar again, one that none of them were even familiar with. Then maybe we'd see something different out of the cast. Perhaps in a different neighborhood we haven't seen before, like Canton.

-At the Bars,
Ebert, Roeper, and the ghost of Siskel past

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