PubNight #27 (04/13/06) - 8:00pm at Spy Club

We're not a group known for repeating mistakes. In parallel with the list of bars we like and intend to take everyone to, we have a mirror list of places we've vowed to never set foot in again. That's the kind of people we are--we make vows even about trivial things. With a whole city full of interesting places, there's very little motivation to return to a dissapointing venue.

So it's particularly noteworthy that we're going back to a bar that failed to live up to both of the reasons why we originally visited it as a PN candidate. Terry first told us about Spy Club, and he was intrigued by the fact that the entrance to the bar was hidden behind a bookcase; that sounded kind of cool. Upon arriving at the Midtown Yacht Club, the bar it rests on top of, said bookcase had a neon red sign pointing to it saying "Spy Club ->". Not quite as mysterious as we had hoped. Greg had read that they had an Oxygen bar, and was excited because he developed a wicked O2 habit when last in Vegas. The first time we visited, the Oxygen bar was being dismantled to install a pool table.

Despite all that, we're heading there anyway, because Spy Club is a seriously cool bar. The Russian theme, complete with Commie Red posters decoration, is similar to NY PN locale the KGB Bar. But the drinks remind Greg of one of New York's most hardcore drinking establishment, the Russian Vodka Room. At Spy Club, you can find serious drinkers ordering serious drinks. The literal top-shelf Vodka here is the kind that you need to get a quote on before ordering. In addition to tasty Vokda heavy drinks, the food is brought in from the Midtown Yacht Club below, and it's fantastic.

There's one last thing that's nice about Spy Club. It seems they only hire smokin' hot women bartenders. What keeps Greg coming back is how much fun he has mocking the sad men with lame lines who try to pick them up. It's amazing some of the things bargoers will do if you put enough Vodka into them.

Always aware when people we meet are way out of our league,
-A gang of four who aren't a bunch of Communists _

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