PubNight #26 (04/05/06) - 8pm at The Brewer's Art

This week we feature Chuck as our guest commentator, replacing Terry in the role of "Melton brother who goes to the bar picked for PubNight on Thursday". Chuck writes:

Alright folks, hold on to your livers and grab your wallets as we are returning to the birthplace of the Baltimore Pubnight, The Brewers Art, for Lauren's Birthday. Yes, it's a repeat. Yes, most of us have been there a hundred times. Most importantly, yes it is one of the best beer bars in Baltimore.

The food is excellent and you will have a hard time finding a better Belgian beer brewed this side of the Atlantic. As an added bonus I believe their Sour Cherry is in season (this spells trouble for The Hoyt). If you are feeling self destructive, they also have a full page whiskey menu with probably everything you would want to drink available.

--Considering it a sort of half-anniversary,
Chuck, Lauren, and your Baltimore PubNight crew

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