PubNight #25 (3/30/06) - 8:00pm at Damon's

One half score and zero years ago our founders brought forth on this continent, a new organization, conceived in drunkeness, and dedicated to the proposition that all men could use another beer. This week marks the 10th Anniversary of PubNight, and Greg is returning to the scene of the crime for the celebration. This means that tomorrow will mark yet another two PN week, and he's barely going to survive the trip south after being up as late as Wednesday's celebration will last; a close venue to home is a must.

The informal rules of PN:NY normally bans visiting nationwide franchise locations. Just because there's a bar inside Manhattan's numerous TGI Friday's, there really is no reason whatsoever to encourage more people to visit them. This week we bend that rule a bit and visit the closest drinking location to where Greg lives (those comments in the #18 e-mail? lies!), the Damon's Grill in Perry Hall, which is not so bad as franchises go. While really more of a restaurant than a bar, you certainly can get drinks there too. The main fun attraction for our crowd is that they feature the free NTN trivia games on screens throughout the bar. Sadly for our crowd, the feature event for Thursday nights is Sports trivia.

Veterans of high-speed trips along the NJTP,
--Your Baltimore PN gang of four

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