PubNight #24 (3/23/06) - 8:00pm at The Owl Bar

The Owl Bar has been in the back corner of the Belvedere Hotel since the 1900's. After a history of been frequented by valiant World War I officers, celebrities, sports stars, and foreign dignitaries, we're going to muck it up with some local "color." Chuck claims that the wise old owl that sits on the above the patrons used to blink when Johnny Law was coming during Prohibition. However, Chuck looks funny so his filthy lies are not to be trusted.

This may or may not be someone's birthday pubnight. If it was, they were too lazy to write it and don't warrant a mention. The parking situation for the Owl Bar is exactly the same as it was for Brewer's Art. If you've been playing the home game, that's because they're only about 150 feet away from each other. Generally the Owl Bar doesn't get too crowded. It's become kind of a secret only a few people know about. The trendier crowd likes to go upstairs to the 13th floor and pay an extra buck or two for drinks because of the elevator ride.

-Your Four Pubnight Hootie Owls, who plagarized the old PN #21 email.

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