PubNight #23 (03/16/06) - 8:00pm at The Wharf Rat

This week we're repeating what we did in week 11 heading back down to the Wharf Rat in Fells Point. Why are we breaking from tradition and heading to the same place a second time? First off, Greg and John have decided that it has had the best jukebox out of all of the Pub Nights we've been to so far. Secondly, Chuck and John have been getting the shakes for their sweet delicious beer and can't take it anymore (mmm Growlers to go). Finally, it's John's birthday and he got to pick the place...

So come out and join us in the celebration of good beer, good food, good music, and uh, yeah, good beer.

- Your drunk as ALWAYS (except Greg) Pub Night Gang of Four

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