PubNight #22 (3/9/06) - 8:00pm at Friends at Fells Point

This week is Jenny's birthday, so we're heading down to Fell's Point to Friends. Not to be confused with vapid NYC hipsters who hang out at a coffee shop, Friends is supposed to be a pretty laid back place. Being as Jenny is the only one who has been there, this is what she writes on why we're going and why she likes it so much:

"This week we shall gather at a bar in celebration that my car insurance still won't go down til next year

-rumored to have been a brothel in the 1800's

-a former hangout of Billie Holliday's

-a free jukebox with everything from the Beatles to PJ Harvey

...and most importantly ladies and gentlemen, they have Blue Moon, Caffrey's, Sierra Nevada, Red Hook, and Resurrection... on tap."

So head on down to Fells Point and tell Jenny happy birthday. Also, carpool if you can, because we all know that parking around Fells Point can suck.

-Jenny, and your Pubnight crew who only likes you if you buy them drinks

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