PubNight #20 (2/23/06) - 8:00pm at The Rec Room

Robin Writes:

Okay, so it's my birthday, sorry about the choice of bars, but I got the wonderful birthday present of having a long term deal at work finally closing and getting out of my hair. After the day I am going to have, I am going to have to get my drink on early.

This week it is the Rec. Room in Towson. Thursday they have $2. imports and SoCo and Lime shots, according to their site. I don't really care, I want to shoot some pool, and the food isn't bad either. Find parking where you will, and see you there!

Not wanting to be the ones to get in the way of a disgruntled worker and hostile birthday girl,
- Your Birthday Girl and Quivering Pub Night Gang of Three

This week's parking notes:

Parking around the Rec Room can be a little hairy. The Towson Circle lot is a popular parking place, but they're notorious for starting to tow cars at around 1am. They've also been known to be a little anxious and start at 12:45 or 12:30. There's a metered lot behind the Hudson Trail Outfitters up the street.

There is parking behind the Hampton House at Jenny's apartment, or in the large lot next to it as long as you are out by 6am. Or you can try your luck at street parking in Towson.

Also, the Towson Library parking garage is a great bet. After the hut closes at 9pm, they open the output gate, so it's pretty much free. Dig.

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