PubNight #2 (10/13/05) - 7:00pm at The Thirsty Dog Pub

The last time I visited someone who had a dog, I left covered in hair and slobber. Whereas the last time I was around a cat, I left with my arm and part of my pants covered in my own blood due to an "accident" with the kitty's claws. These encounters help illustrate why there are dog people, cat people, and those who aren't into pets at all.

This week Pub Night goes to the dogs. If you're into the kind of bar scene where you're virtually guaranteed to come home covered in hair and slobber, normally you have to be concerned just where that slobber has been before you. But if you join us this Thursday at the Thirsty Dog Pub in Federal Hill, where on any night you can expect to find numerous dogs wandering around, you won't have to worry in quite the same way. As the City Paper says, "Even if you're not a pet owner, it's refreshing to know that, for once, the thing licking your toes isn't just another creepy foot-fetish guy trying to take you home." If you have your own dog, bring them along; celebrate a night out where you don't have to wonder what you're going to find in the corner if you stay out too late.

The amazingly cheap beers here ($3 for two small glasses) are from Virginia's Old Dominion microbrewery, and in addition to the usual sorts you'll find some interesting berry flavors. Pizza here is well regarded, with toppings like their popular Buffalo Wing. Two bar foods in one; what economy.

Looking like a velvet painting of dogs playing poker,
--The Dogs of Pubnight

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