PubNight #19 (2/16/06) - 8:00pm at Lime

Once upon a time at Timber Creek, last week:

(cue dramatic re-enactment)
Chuck: So what are the PN rules for repeating bars?
Greg: Generally we don't go back to the same place again unless a lot of time has passed, or it's a special occasion like a birthday or holiday
Chuck: But Portland goes back to the same places all the time
Greg: That's because there are only, like, three bars in Maine that don't suck, and Gritty McDuff's is way cool
Chuck: Hmmm. I wanted to go back to Lime again soon
Terry: Not Lime, I spent way too much money there the last time
Glen: I really liked that place, I want to go there too
Chuck: That's two
Greg: I'm all for going there, we could hit it next week before our heavy birthday season starts
Chuck: Three
Terry: Damn it, I just had to buy a new car, I don't need an expensive bar trip right now
Greg: They only charged me a buck for my soda last time
Chuck: John, want to go back to Lime next week?
John: Sure, we should all join the Tequila club
Chuck: Four
Robin: Lime? That place rocked, I'm up for going again
Chuck: Five
Terry: Bitches!

The mob has spoken.

Wait, we need a special occasion to excuse the repeat. Got it: this Thursday, we will celebrate the passing of Valentine's day with a tribute to the unwanted gifts of the holiday. Lime gives each of their guests free sample shots in decorative animal-themed glasses. This week, we celebrate and add to that bounty by giving PN guests selections from the Island of Misfit Valentine's Day Toy Animals. Help Greg find good homes for the unloved heart-holding monkeys, mice, and hippos he's recently liberated from claw machine captivity. Just because they're not bears, that doesn't mean they're bad animals.

Noting that three out of four founders ain't bad,
--Terry, a dose of brotherly love, and the bitches _

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