PubNight #18 (02/09/06) - 8:00pm at Timber Creek

At this point, no one is impressed or surprised when Greg hits PubNight in two cities on adjacent evenings anymore. Having done this twice already, the hardest part of the whole adventure is driving any significant distance to the Baltimore venue after just finishing a three hour, drive south on Thursday night.

This week, we try to make life easier by picking the second closest bar to where Greg lives. Why not the closest? Because that would be The Batter's Box, which has the distinction of being both on Greg and John's banned list of places we'll never go. It's that good. No, instead we'll be just crossing over into Kingsville to visit Timber Creek.

The bar is located in the middle of the no-man's land between Perry Hall and Kingsville proper. From the South where most will be driving from, get onto Blair, er, Belair road, cross Forge, exit civilization, and head down the big hill. Look for the left turn lane near the bottom of the hill that leads into their parking lot.

Fans of area microbrews with serious kick will be happy to know that Timber has Clipper City Heavy Seas Winter Storm (oof, 15 proof) and the infamous Resurrection Ale (a 14 proof favorite at Brewer's Art) on tap right now. This Thursday's food special is a discounted full rack of ribs, and there is full restaurant menu worth of other food to choose from.

Not driving 55,
--Your occasionally lazy PN gang of four

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