PubNight #16 (1/26/06) - 8:30pm at Jimmie O'Donnell's Pub

Last week at Lime we posed our usual question of where does everyone want to go for the next pub night. The general consensus was, after racking up some rather hefty bar tabs, that we wanted to go to some place that was local and cheap. This rang ideas of what dive bars we knew of in the local Parkville/Towson area. We listed off some dives (Emerald Tavern, Putty Hill Station, Anything off of Bel Air Road) and decided that the place to go was O'Donnells down on Harford Road. Mostly because a good portion of those voting had never been there before and seemed interested.

For those of you who have never chosen to brave this location before, it lies close to Moravia Rd. off of Harford (it's not as scary as it sounds). Lauren, Chuck, Terry, and John used to go here quite often years ago for their open mike night and for the bars main selling point, it was the only bar where they could get served without id.

Lauren seems to remember (and Google agrees) that O'Donnell's serves some variety of food. We're guessing that it's going to be your usual bar fare, not anything special (I mean come on, we're in Hamilton). Besides, if you really are hungry, Valentino's is right up the street and open 24 hours (the Greek pizza is heavily suggested).

Reliving those early drinking memories,

--Your Now of Age Pub Night Gang of Once Again Four

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