PubNight #15 (1/19/06) - 7:30pm at Lime

After having one of most enjoyable Baltimore Pub Nights last week in pseudo historic Locust Point, we decided it was more than appropriate to return to the area a second week in a row. This week, we will be going the total opposite drinking direction from the Irish beer crowd and will instead be heading out to something much more Mexican.

If you've been paying attention to the quotes on the web site, everyone that made it out to J.J.'s week 9 named their kryptonite drink. John, having a moment of foreshadowing, named tequila as his drink (mostly by the fact that after drinking enough Tequila, he has a tendency to start yelling at the cops while wearing a Sombrero and Poncho...). Well, this week we're going to see if John can make a repeat performance of a couple years ago by visiting the newest Tequila bar in the Baltimore area:

Lime has now been recommended to us by four semi-independent sources. They have all given it rave reviews, and have informed us that Lime has also recently begun serving food.

We will issue you a warning that since it is a new establishment, you will be hard pressed to find any information of the bar on the web. John's cube mate (who lives down the street from the bar) assures us that the address we are sending out is accurate.

--Your Sombrero Wearing Gang of Three and Sometimes Four

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