PubNight #13 (01/05/05) - 8:00pm at Little Dickies

Alright, since the consensus is something local this week, we are heading to the Old Angels Grotto, now known as Little Dickies. The beer is reasonable, there's an okay juke box and a crappy pool table (hopefully they re felted it). This place is built like a bowling alley and been in the heart of Towson and has been there forever, but seems to never really draw in the yuppie Towsonites... Personally, I am not complaining. The guys who are behind the bar seem friendlier than the last guy, and they are always happy to have guests. If you feel the need for munchies, they have popcorn most of the time and nachos (cheese, chips, and oregano, nothing special but always seem really tastier when you are a little tipsy).Besides if you get too drunk off of cheap beer, I really don't think they would throw you out. Per usual, Towson kinda sucks for parking, but if you are lucky there is a metered lot right behind Hudson Trail Outfitters up the street, or a little further up there is the Towson Circle lot behind the Rec Room.

-PubNight gang o' 4

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