PubNight #11 (12/22/05) - 8:00pm at The Wharf Rat

There's nothing like a spot on Food Network and a couple of good reviews from critics to justify opening a yuppified location right next to Camden Yards to milk money from people going to the stadium. Since the PubNight Crew is anything but high class, we're going to the Wharf Rat in Fells Point. However, even that Wharf Rat has standards, so we've had to send Greg out of the state on Thursday to get in.

Those of us who haven't been exiled to New Jersey will have the luxury of a large assortment of draught beer and good food. If you're dining, expect to pay $10-20 for an entree. The Oliver Brews are the Wharf Rat's own brew. They're all supposed to be very good, but we'll have to see what our own drunks have to say about it.

Also, carpool if you can. Parking around Fells Point always sucks, and you always have to pay. Make sure to bring quarters.

-Yer scurvy land lubbin' PubNight gang o' miscreants, yar!

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