PubNight #9 (6/21/06) - 7pm at Atwood's Tavern

Gentle(wo)men and Scholars,

Tomorrow's PubNight marks the first official day of summer, but don't let the warm weather and the short shorts make your head go all swirly just yet. We'll be needing all brains at the table, as this week PubNight Boston plans to extinguish the competition at Atwood's Tavern's quiz night.

Atwood's, formerly known as The Overdraught, was recently described by The Dig as a cozy haven in Inman Square. As much as I do like a cozy bar, it seemed wise to run a hot weather compatibility analysis on the location -- I was pleased to discover that Atwood's is air-conditioned and serves at least a couple of flavors of ice cream!

To get you in fighting form for the competition: Inman Square was officially named Inman Square by petition in 1875. Prior to that it was also known by what name? Now that you're all warmed up, throw on your sundress and your flip-flops and get your smart (or smart-ass) self to Atwood's for PubNight. The swirly-headed folks won't know what hit them.

-- Siobhan, Joan, and Emera, your friendly neighborhood Triumvirate

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