PubNight #8 (6/14/06) - 7pm at B-Side Lounge

Bootleggers beware...

So maybe we're not radio-friendly. We're complex and difficult to understand, and we usually last longer than three minutes (not that anyone's complaining). Consider it a badge of honor, then, that this week PubNight is spinning at the B-Side Lounge in Cambridge.

If you've been meaning to check out PubNight, but your couch is so cozy on a rainy night, turn off that Lawrence Welk and kick out the jams! B-side has great food, and pages and pages of gorgeous cocktails for the big-band swingers. Siobhan is particularly fond of the Gold Cadillac, and I like the The B-Sidecar, a smooth update on a classic. Beer on tap and a full bar cater to the unplugged types. Seriously, folks, this is one extended remix you do not want to skip.

-- Joan, Siobhan, and the Boston PN Triumvirate

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